Full Moon Party in Thailand: Review & Dates

Crowd at the Full Moon Party on Haad Rin Beach in Thailand


The Full Moon Party in Thailand is one of the largest and most famous parties in the world. Starting as just a few friends having a small birthday gathering on Haad Rin Beach, it now attracts crowds of anywhere between 20,000 and 50,000 people each month


But is the famous Full Moon Party actually all that? I have been to Koh Phangan’s Full Moon Party and its pre-parties twice, so I’ll tell you everything I learned from my experience, and whether it’s worth it or not.


When is it?



Fri, 21 June

Mon, 22 Jul

Mon, 19 Aug

Tue, 17 Sep

Fri, 18 Oct

Fri, 15 Nov

Sun, 15 Dec

Sat, 31 Dec (NYE Party)


Wed, 14 Jan

Thu, 12 Feb

Fri, 14 Mar

Sun, 13 Apr

Mon, 12 May

Wed, 11 Jun

Thu, 10 July

Sat, 9 Aug

Sun, 7 Sep

Tue, 7 Oct

Wed, 5 Nov

Fri, 27 Dec

Sun, 31 Dec (NYE Party)

Is it Worth it?

Neon paint, fire skipping ropes, and buckets of alcohol. That’s how I would describe Thailand’s Full Moon Party in just a few words. It’s pretty much a bunch of drunk people dancing on a beach for hours, with dozens of bars trying to outcompete each other on how loud their music is. 


That being said, it is a great time. You can go and meet a bunch of people beforehand at one of the lively hostels, get covered head to toe in neon paint, and head down to the beach for a night out that goes on way past sunrise. 


You can get stuck into some skipping rope or limbo challenges, but the twist is; that they’re both on fire! (See the video below). Some people speculate whether the fire is real or not. I’ve been there and done it, and I can confirm it is real…


However, when comparing it to other beach parties in Southeast Asia, it doesn’t stand out for me. It is definitely the largest, but I wouldn’t say it is the best. 


Due to its popularity, it can feel overly crowded. Its main selling point is its size, but when you look at what else it has to offer, it’s not much more than the beach parties you’d find in Ko Phi Phi, or even the pre-parties at OXA before the full moon. If anything, I would say the crowds make it worse.

When to Go

Even though they happen monthly, the Full Moon Parties are absolutely packed pretty much every time. Sometimes so packed that it feels like you’re actually in a cramped nightclub rather than on a beach. 


The peak seasons are July-August and December-April, so it’s likely to reach up to 50k people in some of these months. 


Many people will tell you to go in the peak seasons. However, I found that it was actually a better experience when I went in early November (off-peak) than in January (peak). There was much more space to move around and see what was going on along the beach. Even if you do go off-peak, it will still be super busy.

Full moon party, Haad Rin Beach, Koh Phangan, Thailand

Where to Stay

First and foremost, if you are booking a hostel, do it in advance! They will book up FAST around Full Moon Party dates. 


There are lots of hostels and hotels all the way down the coast in Koh Phangan, and since it’s a small island, you can get around fairly quickly wherever you are. That being said, you’ll probably want to be as close to Haad Rin Beach as possible to be closer to the action. The beach is also very beautiful, and a pretty cool place to chill in the day. (See picture below). 


If you’re after a lively and social hostel try Bodega Pool Party or Phangan Arena. Bodega has regular events, a swimming pool, and a large bar area to meet lots of people. Arena has a pool, table tennis tables, and a 4G astro football pitch!

Haad Rin Beach in daytime, Koh Phangan, Thailand

Watch Out For Pickpockets!

Thousands of people, with dulled senses, carrying loads of money. It’s a thief’s dream. That’s why you get lots of pickpockets at the Full Moon Party, so be careful. 


I would recommend leaving your passport and any money you don’t need in a locker in your room. Only take out with you enough cash for the night, and have it secure, ideally, somewhere you can see it. A friend of mine had his wallet stolen when his bum bag was around his back, so I would make sure it’s around your front. 


Also make sure you know the currency conversion rate well, because it’s common for people to try and overcharge you for drinks etc. if they think you may not notice.


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