Hi, I'm Jesse

At age 22, straight out of university, I left the UK and went to explore the world. It was the best decision I’ve ever made. 


Growing up I never had much of a desire to leave England, but instead I had my mind set on having a successful career and making lots of money – just as we are taught at school. During my years at University, something changed. 


I realised that spending my twenties in an office wasn’t going to be enough. So, I started to plan a big adventure


I began by jetting off to South East Asia, backpacking round Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and The Philippines. 


I never expected how much I would love the thrill of moving around and seeing so many amazing new places and cultures. Not only this, but meeting so many like-minded people along the way really makes traveling unforgettable – and outright addictive


After running out of money I ended up moving to Sydney, Australia in February 2023 (which couldn’t be further from the UK!) I’ve returned back to South East Asia Asia several times, whilst also doing some traveling around the east coast of Australia. 


After just a couple of years I’ve discovered what an amazing thing it is to travel. I’ve well and truly caught the traveling bug and don’t intend to stop until I’ve been to every continent in the world! 


I created Wherever Wild so I can share my stories, connect with others, and hopefully provide some guidance to help you on your own traveling journey. So, I invite you to come along with me, read and learn from my mistakes, because I’ve made lots of them!

Man jumping in blue mountains, Sydney
Two men do a backflip of a boat into the sea